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Our volunteers are a group of people who provide and invaluable service to our community and to survivors of sexual violence in South East New Brunswick. We are a trans-inclusive organization and welcome any trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people. Involvement with SESAC gives volunteers the opportunity to gain experience, knowledge and skills in many areas, including crisis counselling, advocacy, non-profit organizations and a variety of issues related to sexual violence.


We are a feminist based, pro-choice organization that engages in action, prevention and education to promote the equality of all gender minorities in order to bring about an end to sexual violence.

Our volunteers take between 4-6 shifts a month, during which they are on-call. When requested, they accompany those who have been sexually assaulted to the hospital. Our volunteers are actively involved in different aspects of Centre work (i.e. public speaking, advocacy, fundraising, etc) and are expected to attend the monthly meetings.


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Interested applicants must complete the following steps in order to become a volunteer at SESAC.

  • Complete a Volunteer Application Form. You can access this application here

  • Once the application has been completed and returned to SESAC, successful candidates will be contacted for an interview

  • Once the interviews are complete and the applicant is determined to be a good fit for the training, they are invited to participate in the next training session.

  • Once training is complete, all volunteers participate in a final role-play and a final interview to determine readiness for the support line and suitability for volunteering with SESAC.


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