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Hide your activities on the Internet

It is possible to monitor activities on the Internet.

If your assaillant has access to your computer, he can discover the sites you've visited,. You can do some things to hide your activities on the Internet. For example, you can use the computer at work, at a friend's house or at the library to do your research.

You can also cover your tracks. To hide your activities, you must clear the memory of your computer. The cache and history of your Internet browser contain a list of the most recently visited pages. The list of sites will be erased by emptying this cache. You can then visit entertainment or news sites for the cache to still contain a list of sites.

To clear the history cache on Internet Explorer 9, follow these instructions:

  • Find the Menu bar;

  • Click on Tools and select Internet Options;

  • Under the General tab, in the section called Browsing History, click on Delete;

  • Don’t forget to click on Apply before clicking on OK.

If you don’t know what browser you are using, follow these instructions:

  • Find the Menu bar;

  • Click on the Help menu and choose Help;

  • In the search box, enter “Clear Internet History” or “Delete Temporary Files.” This should give you instructions for the computer program you are using.

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